● Global Visa and Immigration:

We help you to get a Korean visa! We handle all types of Korea visa; working and non-working visas. We focus on reducing all unnecessary time-consuming on preparing documents, checking immigration regulations and help you to get the correct visa in fast way. We counter-work with large and small law-firms, international groups and even individuals. We excel in providing support especially in timely manner and in quickest process as possible.


● Supported visa types:

Diplomacy/Official Business Status: Diplomacy(A-1) Official Mission(A-2) Conventions/Agreements(A-3)

Employment Visa : Short term employment(C-4) Professorshipship(E-1) Foreign Language Instructor(E-2) Research(E-3)
Technology Transfer(E-4) Professional Employment(E-5) Arts&Performances(E-6) Special Occupation(E-7)
Non-professional Employment(E-9) Vessel Crew(E-10) Working Holiday(H-1)

Long-term stay Visa : Cultural Arts(D-1) Study Abroad(D-2) Industrial Training(D-3) General Training(D-4) Journalism(D-5)
Religious Affairs(D-6) Supervisory Intra-Company Transfer(D-7) Corporate Investment(D-8) Trade Management(D-9)
Job seeking(D-10) Family Visitation(F-1) Residential(F-2) Dependent Family(F-3) Permanent Residence(F-5)
Miscellaneous(G-1) Household help (F-1)